the chinese lady gets saucy!

/ the Chinese Lady shares 15 of her favorite and tastiest sauces that she’s created throughout her career as a chef and teacher. explore a great variety of sauces from sweet, to nutty, to savory, that are perfect for dipping and marinading. 

/ make life tastier with these easy recipes that will enhance any meal. It’s this extra touch which turns your ordinary dish into an extraordinary delight!

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a pot of rice to the wonders of wonton

/ the world's first publication to exclusively feature recipes, photos and videos about wonton making. the Chinese Lady shares her Chinese-Hawaiian experiences which includes over 30 modern and diverse recipes, along with stories from her upbringing in Hawaii and California.

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/ available now on iBooks and Kindle for $14.99.

Top 15 Video Recipes

/ a beautifully designed and modern e-cookbook featuring 15 short, simple and delicious video recipes!

/ chef Lorraine “The Chinese Lady” Witte and producer, Josimar King, each pick their top five videos from The Chinese Lady’s YouTube Channel based on any merit of their choosing. following their selections, the highest viewed videos are featured, for a total of their 15 best recipes!

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